Oxley Holdings Limited is a Singaporean properties developing group which is home grown from scratch. Basically, Oxley Holdings involves itself in developing properties as well as investing in properties businesses. It has overseen major growth and breakthrough since it was incepted. Its command in property developing as well as investing has been felt in both local markets as well as international markets around Asia, U.S.A among others.

Oxley Holdings Portfolio in Different Countries

It has reached beyond the horizon which many developers have failed to reach by having over twelve geographical markets globally. None of the property developers has a rich portfolio than Oxley Holdings. Its portfolio comprises both developments as well as investment projects across Singapore, Ireland, U.K., Cambodia, Cyprus, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Myanmar among many more.

All the above-named countries, Oxley Holdings is the leading developer of all time. Oxley Holdings does not only rely on property investing and developing projects only but also, it offers project management as well as consultancy services in Myanmar. Its portfolio has varieties of developments ranging from commercial, residential, as well as industrial projects among others. Its properties are ranked at the top of the best projects ever due to their locations in prime lands, excellent designs, the best lifestyle features just naming a few. Since its inception, it has grown tremendously to higher levels.

Strategies by Oxley Holdings

In what is seen as strategies to have more investment to propel its growth to another level, Oxley Holdings has ventured in partnership deals with many other companies as well as businesses in Singapore and overseas. Among the partnership, it has penned involve the following developers and businesses Galliard Group Limited which involves itself in development in various industries such as hospitality, management among others.

The other company it has penned partnership with is Pindan Group Property Limited. This develops various projects in Australia. Also, United Engineers are their partners. United Engineers are based in Singapore and invest in property development and engineering.

Oxley Holdings Growth and Investment

Oxley Holdings has shut down any challenge from other developers by offering what they can’t offer. This has made investors rush to hire its services thus leading to its growth in investment and returns of investment.

Oxley Holdings is the ideal company to work with when it comes to any project involving properties development. Their quality services from a pool of professionals will always keep your project in demand due to how good it will be.

You should not take time thinking regardless of where you’re, Oxley Holdings will get in touch with you and offer highly rated services.