Mustafa Centre Shopping Mall at Farrer Park MRT Station

Mustafa Center is a large and among the most famous 24-hour Mall in Singapore. The mall is located on Seyd Alwi road in the famous Cultural district of Little India within the Kallang planning area. Its location is just few meters from Farrer Park Station It’s a retail center attracting a huge crowd of shoppers with its unique and wide products as well as services.

Mustafa Centre Shopping Mall

When you think about Shopping in Singapore Mustafa center is the first mall that should ring in your mind. It’s well stocked with every essential product the shoppers may need to have. Due to this, every other minute, people are flooding there to shop for their best items. It was established many years ago by family members who initially focused on selling clothes. It expanded and started selling electronics products. After its premises failed to accommodate what they were offering they moved to Serangoon Plaza ground plaza first floor and set up their business there.

Business at Mustafa Centre Farrer Park MRT Station

When the business tremendously increased its growth horizons, Mustafa bought a shop-house on the Seyid Alwi Road. To ensure he has an intact position to run his business comfortably, he bought the unit which was next there. He then invested in building a shopping mall which could accommodate his business without many struggles. Mustafa Centre is located near to the upcoming development One Balestier by Oxley Holdings which is at Balestier Road and Tessensohn Road.

The business continues growing until it expanded to international ranks when was established in Chennai. Ion 2005, it was selling the imported car but it has since stopped that business. Mustafa center is home to Mustafa department store catering among the most budget market.

This department has two shopping venues. One center retailing precious jewelry & household items while the other center retailing as a supermarket as well as selling many varieties of products among them including books, watches, footwear, DVDs, toys and clothing just naming a few of them.

Items and Services Available at Mustafa Centre

Mustafa center is in a place to sell over 300, 000 items and at the same time offer services such as travel arrangement and foreign exchange. In the near past, Mustafa center opened another wing of its business by starting running a restaurant going with the name Kebabs and Curries. This restaurant serves customers with numerous dishes on a daily basis from 5 pm up to 2 am.

Simply, you don’t have to struggle shopping in malls which don’t provide you what you need at that time. Mustafa center is the ultimate center to do your shopping. It has been in the market for years and sells genuine products and top-class services. This has earned its reputation and everyone in Singapore is flooding there.

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