Balestier Estate City Fringe

Located in Novena, Balestier is a subzone that is rapidly growing as a popular choice for expats located at the city fringe of Singapore near to Orchard. Systematic, fast gentrification has meant that this small subzone is becoming a big housing destination. When Singapore was a colony, it’s first American consul was Joseph Balestier. He leased a thousand acres to plant sugarcane and ship it overseas. However, the venture failed. The area underwent significant changes over the years and is now called Balestier precinct. The main road of the precinct is the Balestier road. It connects the Thomson road to Serangoon rood before continuing as Lavender street.

Balestier Located at the City Fringe

Balestier has developed rapidly in the past few years. It is very similar to the Geylang area. It is a suburban precinct with a 1980s era feel. The area is very popular among expats and study mamas. Some Chinese mothers accompany their kids to Singapore when they come for education. They are called study mamas. The national law enforcement HQ called the Ministry of Home-Affairs is just off Balestier road, so there’s a heavy police presence. The area is one of the safest in the country. The new condo Balestier One by Oxley Holdings under subsidiary company Oxley Amethyst is a freehold development.

Development of Balestier Estate

Until a few years ago, Balestier estate was a small, quiet, and sleepy area. It was not a major tourist destination either. A few years ago, the government of Singapore decided that the whole area would be gentrified. Under the scheme, a shoebox policy was implemented as well. The shoebox rule stated that all homes and rooms had to have a minimum size. This resulted in a rapid growth of condos across the precinct. It became the perfect place for expats. The condos were big and the area wasn’t touristy. Over the years, Balestier has only continued to grow.

Amenities Around Balestier

The amenities around the area are one of the best you’ll find in the country. Within a mile’s radius, there are hospitals, schools, and markets. One of the major advantages is that the Balestier is a local foodie heaven. It’s a place that houses a combination of authentic Singapore restaurants and hotels that serve international cuisine as well. The only drawback of the area is that it isn’t connected with the MRT network yet. However, you can avail the bus network to reach an MRT station. It takes only 10 minutes. Because the area was gentrified recently, most condos are new and contemporary.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Balestier is the market nearby. It was closed in 2004 due to lack of business. However, as a part of the gentrification, it was opened in 2014. Right from simple groceries to exotic fish meat, everything you need to run a house is available here. It is also the last ‘rural’ market that has been preserved. The Balestier is a modern area for people looking for a house. If you’re one of them, make sure you give the precinct a serious consideration.

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