Farrer Park MRT Station Location

Mass Rapid-Transit, abbreviated as MRT, is a well-known passenger railroad system in Singapore, offering punctuality and a variety of amenities using technology and advanced engineering. The Farrer Park M.R.T station is located on the outskirts of the residential towns of Kallang and Rochor in the central region of Singapore.

This station is a part of the Northeast corridor and represents Little India, an ethnic district in the country. The name of the station originated from the fact that it was formerly known as the Farrer-Park Field famous for major sporting and political activities in the history of Singapore. One Balestier is located near to Farrer Park MRT Station and is a freehold development by Oxley Holdings.

Farrer Park MRT Station Near to Residential Developments

The MRT station is in the midst of various shopping and residential complexes, recreational centers, food joints, and educational institutes. The station is close to reputed and upscale residential complexes in Pek Kio as well as Owen Road which makes it convenient for families to commute to different places. With a range of schools, amenities, and parks, the location is perfectly suited for children to make new friends and spend quality time with their family. The station is strategically located for the residents of the nearby region as it is a Civil Defence shelter.

Farrer Park MRT Station Race Course Road

Basically, it will serve as an emergency assembly point during national emergencies of any kind. The station was built as a part of the NEL contract 706. The construction involved manipulation of the Race Course Road & Owen Road into two parts for accommodating the station. The architecture of the station ensure protection and isolation from threats and are equipped with emergency kits, blast-proof doors, power backup, dedicated toilet system and clean water supply for the citizens taking shelter in the station. It is one of the 13 civil defense shelters in the country.

The Farrer Park station is a unique one because of the enriching history that surrounds it. Farrer Park housed the first ever horse racing turf in the country which gave rise to the “Old Racecourse-Road” present in the region.

Platforms at Farrer Park MRT Station

The artwork by Poh Siew-Wah at Farrer Park MRT station titled as the “Rhythmic Exuberance” depicts the rich culture in sports and horse racing that has been an important part of the heritage for decades.

With two platforms, trains can travel in both directions using both the lines. Huge platform shields isolate the tunnel air and ensure proper air-conditioning for passenger convenience. The station has a very high ceiling that eradicates the claustrophobic feeling of packed and suffocating metro stations.

The automated set of escalators on both sides of the platforms ensures fluid passenger movement in and around the station. The huge TV screens on each platform display train timings and important safety-related messages for the passengers to comply with.

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