Connextion at Farrer Park

Farrer Park Company established connexion as the first integrated hospitality and health care and hospitality complex in Singapore. Collectively, preventive medicine healthcare, education, hospitality, and training services are put together. Medical treatments can be done even during holidays putting into consideration conveniences between the conference room and hotel room as well as networking and professional opportunities. Farrer park medical center is situated in the west wing on level 16 of the telemedicine center complex known as TK Low Academic specialist center.

Connextion at Farrer Park

Farrer Park and one Farrier hotel are both situated on the east wing. The development is brought into completion by the Owen link which is located at the ground, a unique lifestyle retail. On top of the Farrer Park MRT station, there is a well-positioned connection that is meant to completely offer a new level of hospitality and medical care in Singapore. It is located a very short distance from Changi international airport and also Orchard road and Marine bay. Connextion at Farrer Park will boost the new residential developments in particular One Balestier Tessensohn Road which is located near to the development

It is located in a place where there is a very direct access to the MRT system. Connexion has been connected to Singapore’s comprehensive highlands with a very wide transport network. You can find Connexion at Farrer Park linked to the Farrer Park MRT station. It is very accessible through the underground walking paths from the northeast line MRT station.

Farrer Park Hospital Located in Connextion

Connextion at Farrer Park is a private hospital in Singapore which has been established to give the best clinical care with comfort putting into consideration fairness and value. Cancer being a high killer disease in Singapore and even the entire world Farrer Park hospital has a highly qualified specialist that use improved technology to give out the best medical care to cancer patients.

In Farrer Park hospital the following are the equipment used to make an accurate diagnosis:

• MicroDose Mammography used for breast screening.

• Elekta Versa HD purposely made for radiography.

• A washable bed that reduces infections.

In Farrer Park hospital the meals for patients are prepared by the best chiefs hired from the five-star hotel.

WHAT Connextion at Farrer Park HAS IN STORE FOR YOU.

• 24 hours emergency clinic which has consultation rooms, dressing rooms and critical care medical care areas within.

• Healthconnexion the latest health screening method. Which offer services like screening colonoscopy, premarital screenings, pre-employment screening, and comprehensive health screening.

• Diagnostic imaging. These are the major diagnostic imaging services available at Farrer Park hospital: interventional radiology, neuroradiology, breast imaging, and cardiovascular imaging

Farrer Park Hospital

Connextion at Farrer Park is the place to be, there are many healthcare services as well as the hospitality of the highest levels. The place is located in an easily accessible place for every willing person to get access. Health connexion in Singapore provides regular health tracking, laboratory investigations, and the most essential general examination. It’s a health awareness program that values the best health.

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